Kern River Gas Transmission Company is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for the benefit of our employees, enterprise partners and the public. At Kern River we believe:  

  • Safety is integral to our company's performance – it's how we do business. 
  • Safe and healthy employees are our most valuable resource.
  • All injuries are preventable, and we must continually strive for zero accidents.
  • Management, from the top down, is fundamentally responsible for safety leadership.
  • Every employee is responsible and accountable for safety. 
  • All employees are empowered to take immediate, corrective action toward any unsafe work practice or condition.
  • Facilities must be designed, constructed and maintained with safety in the forefront.
  • Safety must not be compromised for any reason; no job is so important or service so urgent that safety will be compromised. 
  • The safety education of all employees is essential to the success of our safety program and our business.
  • We must continuously evaluate our facilities, policies and actions to ensure the safety of employees, implementation of recognized best practices, and compliance with federal and state regulations.

Safety is more than a priority – safety is a way of life on and off the job.