Delta Lateral Project

Kern River Gas Transmission Company is proposing to construct and operate the Delta Lateral Project, which will provide natural gas supply from Kern River’s mainline near Holden, Utah, to a delivery point near Delta Utah.

The project’s facilities include an approximately 35-mile, 24-inch-diameter natural gas pipeline, tap assemblies, in-line inspection device launchers/receivers and a meter station. The Delta Lateral Project will enable Kern River to meet the energy needs of our customers in the area.

Anticipated Project Timeline

Spring-Summer 2020  Kern River conducts land and environmental surveys
Spring 2020  Kern River submits FERC application to use pre-filing process
Fall 2020 Kern River holds open houses
Fall 2020     FERC holds public scoping meetings
Spring 2021 Kern River submits FERC application to construct the project
Spring 2022 FERC issues certificate approving the project
Spring-Fall 2023 Project construction
Fall 2023  Project ready for service

Contact Information

Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-833-659-0509